Powerex 5 HP Air Compressor Oilless Scroll Pump | SLAE05E

  • Capacity 0 - 19 CFM
    Horsepower 5 HP
    Power Electric

    the powerex oilless rotary scroll air compressor has advanced scroll compressor technology through the development of a completely oilless unit.   the powerex scroll compressor offers a dynamically balanced air end which insures vibration-free operation. the rotary design permits a continuous 100% duty cycle. no oil separation, oil filtration, or inlet valves are required on the powerex scroll air compressor.

    the powerex oilless rotary scroll air compressor is based on the theory of scroll compression. a scroll is a free standing, intricate spiral bounded on one side by a solid, flat plane or base. a scroll set, the basic compression element of a scroll compressor, is made up of two identical spirals which form right and left hand parts. one of these scroll components is indexed or phased 180° with respect to the other so the scrolls can mesh.   crescent-shaped gas pockets are formed and bounded by the spirals and the base plate of both scrolls. as the orbiting scroll is orbited around the fixed scroll, the pockets formed by the meshed scrolls follow the spiral toward the center and diminish in size. the orbiting scroll is prevented from rotating during this process so the 180° phase relationship of the scrolls is maintained. the compressor’s inlet is at the outer boundary of the scrolls. the compressed gas is discharged through the outlet at the center of the fixed scroll so no valves are needed

    oilless scroll compressor pump
    the compressor/s shall be belt driven oil-less rotary scroll single stage, air-cooled oil-less construction with absolutely no oil needed for operation. the rotary design shall not require any inlet or exhaust valves and shall be rated for 100% continuous duty. direct drive compressors shall not be used. tip seals shall be of a composite ptfe material and be rated for 10,000 hours operation or 5,000 hours if high pressure. compressor bearings shall be external to the air compression chamber and shall all be serviceable for extended compressor life. bearing maintenance shall not be required until 10,000 run hours. compressors with bearings that are not accessible for service have a limited life span and shall not be accepted.  compressors shall have an integral radial flow fan for cooling and shall not require and additional electrical cooling fans.

    principles of operation:

    as the scroll orbits from no. 1 to no. 4 positions, a crescent-shaped cavity is gradually reduced, compressing the air and exhausting it through the final discharge point at the center.


    • product specification

      • capacity (cfm) @ 100/125 psi
        15.2 scfm @ 100 psi
      • cfm (capacity)
        15.2 cfm @ 100 psi
      • controls
      • pressure rating
        95 - 115 psi
      • recommended pulley size
        3.7" pulley outer diameter
      • rpm
        3250 rpm @ 100 psi
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