3.0m3 40Bar 30KW High Pressure Air Compressor |PET-3.0/40

  • Capacity 0 - 19 CFM
    Compatibility Size 40 HP, 30 - 40 HP
    Horsepower 40 HP


    1. The compressor can remove waste and dirt automatically by after cooling system.high-quality air output due to economical dirt-removal system in 3stages.

    2. The compressor is equipped with a special,highly effective air cooling chiller of advanced design.

    3. Market leader herbiger main air valve with large capacity,Its high efficiency characteristic ensures the stable running of the compressor


    A. Two level noise reduction,less noise

    B. Integrated pipeline, whole machine more perfect

    C. Pressure sensor makes exhaust pressure accurate,adjustment conveniently, differential pressure less than 0.5kg/cm.

    D. Every level quipped pressure gauge safety valve, last level equipped ultrahigh pressure alarm,which makes the system safer.

    E. High pressure automatic air release valve,less accident than high pressure radio tube

    F. Cylinder head separate out intake cavity and air chamber,reduce suction temperature,enhance the efficiency of exhaust.


    Introduction and Advantage:

    1) Our air system is combined air cooling high pressure air system. It is easy for customers to set and use with out any base. What customer only to do is only connect the electric to the system,, then it can run.

    2) Our combined air system can economize the electric. For example, if your blow machine production line is in half producing, then the air system will work half by half, then the exact using electric will be only half of the whole system. And if your blow machine production line works fully, the air system will work fully to ensure the air support for blow machine too.

      Usually, blow machine customers will blow different size bottles, and the air system will be prepared for the largest bottles request. For example, if customers’ blow machine will blow 2L bottles, it maybe need 400cfm high pressure air, and if blow 1L bottles, it maybe need 300 cfm high pressure air. In this case, our air system will work according to the request from blow machine production line automatically. Then if customers’ production line needs 400cfm, we will support 400cfm, and if customers’ production line need 300cfm, we will only support 300cfm too, that will reduce many electric cost for customers per year. And it can protect and prolong the life of air compressors. In your word, we can design our system in Variable Speed Drive.

    3) Our system will be easily use and maintained with low price cost. The maintains for our air compressor in only to change oil, air filter, piston ring, valve plate, these are cheap. It does not need Cooling Water Systems. The maintains for water cooler air compressor will be very expensive and complicated, and it needs much time to have maintains. Air cooling air compressor can be maintained by customer yourself, and it only need half day or one day to finish all maintains. But water cooler air system will need special engineers to maintain

    4) Our air system are used widely in the world. The most famous blow machine company such as SIDEL from France, ASB from Japanese also use our air system for their blow machine, and in china, most of blow machine companies (QUINKO, HZ,CSD, MEGA, GZ etc)choose our compressors for their blow machine. And some famous companies Nestle, Coca Cola, Mitsubishi, C-estbon, Masterkong etc are our typical customer  maybe can be helpful for your reference.

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