Deltech 4300 CFM Blower Purge Desiccant Air Dryer | ZP4300

$99,656.59 $101,690.40
  • Capacity 400 - 599 CFM
    Compatibility Size 300 HP +
    Voltage 460/3/60 Volts

    zp series dryers...

    produce 100% efficient air systems

    compressed air users rely on deltech to provide compressed air treatment solutions for applications around the world. zp series dryers improve air system efficiency by the use a dedicated axial blower, instead of a percentage of dehydrated purge air, to regenerate the off-line desiccant tower. iso 8573.1 class 2 (-40°f/-40°c) dew point performance is guaranteed.

    reduce energy consumption
    as the air compressor is the most costly system component to purchase and, it uses more electrical energy than the rest of the system combined, it is wise to ensure that the smallest air compressor is installed. zp series dryers are 100% efficient at delivering full supply-side compressor capacity. therefore, users benefit from the ability to purchase a less expensive air compressor and, a 20% reduction in compressor operating costs.

    eliminate costly compressed air loss
    global competition, spiraling energy costs and, the challenge to “do more, with less” require manufacturers to closely examine operating costs. compressed air generation tends to be the most costly utility within a facility. eliminate air loss to align supply-side equip-ment with demand-side requirements to optimize your air system.

    how it works
    filtered compressed air enters on-line desiccant-filled, drying tower 1 through valve (a). up-flow drying enables the desiccant to strip moisture from the airstream. clean, dry compressed air exits through (e) to feed the air system. tower 2 (shown in regeneration mode) valve (b) closed, depressurizes to atmosphere through muffler (c). valves (d & f) open and the heater turns on. the high-efficiency blower draws ambient air and feeds it through the heater. the ambient airstream passes through valve (f) and flows downward through the moist desiccant in tower 2, collecting water vapor before exiting valve (d). once the desiccant is fully desorbed, the heater turns off. valves (f & d) close and tower 2 is repressurized. at a fixed time interval, valve (b) will open and tower 2 will be placed on-line to dry the airstream and valve (a) will close. operations will switch and tower 1 will be regenerated.



    • product specification

      • cfm (capacity)
        4300 cfm
      • pressure rating
        100 psi (max working pressure of 150 psi
    • connection

      • connection npt
        6" flg
    • dimensions & weight

      • dimensions (l)(w)(h)
        124" height, 105" width, 130" depth
      • weight (lbs)
    • power requirements

      • standard voltages
      • voltage
        71.0 kw
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