60 CFM Desiccant Air Dryers for 10-15 HP Air Compressors | HS60

  • Capacity 50 - 99 CFM
    Compatibility Size 15 HP
    Power Electric
    60 cfm desiccant air dryers for 10-15 hp air compressors | hs60
    the hs turbo dryer is a desiccant air drying system specifically designed for 1-2 shift operations and provides air quality consistent with adsorption technology, yet costs less to operate than a refrigerated dryer.  offering pressure dew points as low as -40 f/c

    turbo delivers simple performance 
    the turbo provides exceptional air treatment, at the best price, best performance at the lowest  operating cost.  standard units operate up too two complete shifts per day without the use of costly purge air.  by providing as low as - 40 degree dewpoint f/c, the turbo delivers air 3 times as dry as conventional refrigerated type dryers without the hassles of hvac based systems.  because the system is pre-packaged with filtration, all you need to do is plug it in, set your regeneration clock, and go to work.
    - turbo dryers only switches once a day greatly reducing down time and component fatigue.
    - the unique and adjustable regeneration system allows the turbo to recharge...anytime you  need to do the same.
    - operating power cost is the lowest of all air dryers, even refrigeration types, with lower down time and maintenance.
    - with standard operating dew point of -40 f/c., and high efficiency filters, air quality issues and moisture in air lines are a thing of the past.
    product features
    - simple operation, no moving parts during the drying cycle.
    - plc controlled, reliable ul controller allows for user to decide when to regenerate.
    - performance, turbo delivers air three times as dry as traditional refrigeration systems.  service can be performed by maintenance personnel and does not require costly hvac technicians.
    - power, no dryer uses less power, including refrigeration.  the turbo is self regenerative and requires no compressed air during recharging.
    unique regeneration system, maintains constant temperature without cycling of the heater. 


    • product specification

      • capacity (cfm) @ 100/125 psi
        60 cfm @ 100 psi
      • max working pressure
        200 psi
    • connection

      • connection npt
    • dimensions & weight

      • depth (inch)
      • height (inch)
      • width (inch)
      • weight (lbs)
    • power requirements

      • voltage
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