Deltech 2500 CFM Cycling Air Dryers for 500 HP Air Compressors | DES2500

$33,369.00 $34,050.00
  • Capacity 2,000 - 5,000 CFM
    Compatibility Size 300 HP +
    Power Electric
    Voltage 208/3/60 Volts, 460/3/60 Volts, 230/3/60 Volts, 575/3/60 Volts

    deltech 2500 cfm cycling air dryers for large air compressors | des2500

    the hydrogard® des series refrigerated air dryers offer a capacity range of 800-3000 scfm. the des series is optimal for fluctuating air load demand because they are designed to match power consumption to actual load.

    it is reliable and comes fully loaded with many features such as integral moisture separators/filters and user friendly interface with 10 language communications.

    the des comes with the hydrogardes controller that saves energy by automatically scrolling through 5 lcd screens that display different data and choosing what capacity load to operate at.

    hydrogard® dryers meet the globally recognized iso 8573.1 quality classes for compressed air treatment. mainenance costs are reduced, downtime is minimized as improved air quality extends the service life of pneumatically operated components and production equipment.

    38°f - 50°f dew point
    • ambient air temperature 35°f - 110°f
    • maximum inlet air temperature 120°f
    • maximum operating pressure: 232 psig
    • environmentally friendly refrigerant r-404a


    spx is a place where innovation is valued, and the real needs of business are understood. we transform ideas into powerful solutions to help our customers meet their goals, overcome business challenges and thrive in a complex, always-changing marketplace. 

    utilizing the latest technological advancements, des series refrigerated dryers offer a new way of thinking and innovative approach to efficiently treat compressed air.

    saving energy is a global priority

    • compressed air users world-wide are integrating energy management best practices into their operations, with the goal of reducing power consumption and lowering their energy costs.
    • demonstrating our commitment to continuous development of sustainable solutions, the des series significantly lowers total cost of operation by consuming electrical power (kwh) in direct proportion to real-time demand.

    meeting the needs of today

    • end-users demand compressed air systems that are easy to design, install, monitor and maintain.
    • the des series features modular construction offering multiple design variations for flexible arrangement. dimensionally standardized air treatment modules are efficiently combined to form larger capacity units.

    anticipating opportunities of tomorrow

    • operational through-put and minimal down time is critical to maintain a competitive business advantage over the long term
    • redundancy in critical components offers fault-tolerant operation, delivering optimal system reliability. the des series offers back-up drying protection presenting alternative drying capability in the presence of component failure

    standard voltage:

    • 208-230/3/60
    • 460/3/60
    • 380-420/3/50

    optional voltage:

    • 575/3/60
    • 230/3/60


    • product specification

      • cfm (capacity)
        2500 cfm
      • pressure rating
        232 psi
    • connection

      • connection npt
        6" flg
    • dimensions & weight

      • dimensions (l)(w)(h)
        85" h x 54" w x 56" d
      • weight (lbs)
    • power requirements

      • standard voltages
        208-230/3/60, 460/3/60, 380-420/3/50, 575/3/60, 230/3/60
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