NANO Filtration 70 CFM Duplex Air Filter, 1/2" NPT | NFD 70

  • Capacity 50 - 99 CFM
    Compatibility Size 15 HP
    Power Electric

    duplex filtration packages by nano purification

    clean and oil-free compressed air is easily achieved with the new range of f1 performance validated compressed air and gas filters.

    activated carbon filters must be protected by a high-efficiency coalescing filter - so why not combine them into one compact, cost effective package?  these nano f1 duplex filters contain an m01 (0.01 micron) coalescing element and an ac activated carbon filter element in one housing.

    nano f1 filters provide:

    • improved filtration for your compressor room or point of use application
    • reliable and efficient liquid and particulate removal with low pressure drop
    • space saving design - no tie rod allows easy bowl removal
    • eight models from 25 to 175 scfm at 100 psig
    • a comprehensive range of accessories for every application


    optimized design

    optimized performance is assured through extensive computer aided design technology, finite element analysis & computational fluid dynamics
1000 hour neutral salt spray test for corrosion resistance to iso 9227:2006
burst pressure tested to a 5:1 safety factor
100% tested for pressure leaks
fine coalescing filters are 100% tested for aerosol integrity


    performance standards

    the nano f1 filters are available in a complete range of contaminant removal grades designed to meet or exceed compressed air purity requirements throughout the industry
designed to exceed the iso 8573-1 standards for compressed air purity & the iso 12500 series international standard for compressed air filter testing
nano f1 filters carry
crn (canadian registration numbers) for approved use in every province of canada


    independent validation

    filtration performance is validated & tested by independent laboratories in accordance with international filtration & safety standards

    • product specification

      • cfm (capacity)
        70 scfm
      • pressure rating
        232 maximum pressure (psig)
    • connection

      • connection npt
        1/2" npt
    • filtration grade

      • filtration grade
        0.01 micron or larger
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