Nano Purification 400 SCFM Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer for 75 HP Air Compressors | NDL 2130

  • Capacity 400 - 599 CFM
    Compatibility Size 75 HP
    Power Electric
    Voltage 115/1/60 Volts

    nano dryers – d1 & d2 in detail

    patented combined filter & desiccant cartridges

    • built in inlet water separator (d1 only) eliminates the cost and pressure drop of installing a separate inlet filter in small oil-free compressor applications*
    • desiccant and outlet filtration are integrated into a single cartridge (eliminates the cost and pressure drop of installing separate filters)
    • high density filled desiccant provides maximum adsorption capacity
    • easy to replace cartridges simplify maintenance requirements

    plc controlled operation

    • the dryer is operated by a robust and reliable plc control system offering valuable features including ‘power on’, ‘hours run’ and ‘service required’ indicators
    • memory retention built into the plc enables the controller to pick up where it left off in the drying cycle, ensuring consistently clean and dry air downstream
    • compressor synchronization is a standard energy saving feature which starts and stops the dryer with a signal from the compressor or point-of-use equipment to eliminate purge loss when drying is not required

     energy saving dew point control option

    • with this option, a dew point sensor is incorporated into the dryer providing the ultimate in energy savings
    • the outlet dew point is constantly monitored allowing the cycle time to be adjusted depending on the actual moisture load - saving valuable purge air
    • dew point is conveniently displayed on the plc
    • the -es option reduces valve actuation increasing service life and includes an extended 5-year valve warranty

    floor or wall installation

    • can be floor or wall mounted - simply by rotating the feet 90°

    optimum dew point performance

    • dryers are provided as standard set for a -40°f dew point. optional dew points from -4°f to -94°f are available
    • air velocity and, therefore, air to desiccant contact time, is carefully controlled via a pressure maintaining device to ensure optimum dew point performance

    constant flow and pressure

    • pressure is equalized before switching columns to ensure uninterrupted compressed air and consistent air pressure. equalization also ensures long desiccant life due to minimized desiccant attrition

     reliable high performance valves

    • the ndl 010 to 050 use ball valves and two pilot operated solenoid valves for proven performance and reliability
    • the ndl 060 to 090 use four pilot operated solenoid valves
    • the ndl 100 to 130 use two integrated coaxial flow valves for inlet air and two pilot operated solenoid valves for exhaust

    maximum corrosion protection

    • high tensile aluminum columns are alocromed then externally powder coated to provide maximum protection for corrosive environments 




    • product specification

      • cfm (capacity)
        400 scfm @ 100 psi
      • pressure rating
        58 to 145 psi
      • rated flow
        35 to 112 degrees f (recommended operating temperature range)
    • connection

      • connection npt
        2" npt
    • dimensions & weight

      • dimensions (l)(w)(h)
        12" x 25" x 70"
      • weight (lbs)
    • power requirements

      • standard voltages
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