Ingersoll Rand 53 CFM Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer | D90IM

  • Capacity 50 - 99 CFM
    Compatibility Size 10 HP, 15 HP
    Power Electric
    Voltage 115/1/60 Volts, 230/1/60 Volts

    higher air quality delivered economically

    • minimize contaminants, corrosion, energy use

    • reduce costs by treating only the air you need

    • deliver quiet performance on the spot

    • sustain high efficiency with easy maintenance

    improve air quality output, reduce operating costs

    ingersoll rand’s innovative modular air dryers make it easier and more affordable than ever to deliver high-quality compressed air for instrumentation, process equipment, or production lines – virtually wherever it is needed:

    • high-efficiency filtration and desiccant bed adsorption provide clean, dry air.

    • compact, fully integrated units install at point-of-use, so you pay for drying only the air required.

    • conservative pressure drop lowers power costs.

    • optional energy management system for larger units reduces purge air during partial loads.

    enhance productivity

    our dryers feature standard iso class 2 dewpoint performance, with optional iso class 1 to meet the most stringent requirements. this helps

    prevent corrosion and minimizes production disruptions or losses due to moisture or contamination. and easy on-site maintenance – less than 15 minutes after 12,000-hours of use – gets you back on line quickly.

    extend performance reliability

    in addition to being efficient, these simple and easyto-maintain modular dryers are also an excellent long-term investment:

    • extruded aluminum construction with alocrom and epoxy painting prevents corrosion.

    • compact, modular designs have few moving parts.

    • proven, reliable electronic controls, with control panel indication for preventive maintenance, help ensure long-lasting performance.

    promote environmental safety

    because noise levels (<75 db) are so low, ingersoll rand modular dryers can be installed right in the work environment. in addition, the dryer’s remote

    exhaust feature offers further enhanced noise suppression. these refrigerant-free units are also designed with nema 4/ip-66 enclosures and in

    accordance with asme, ped, csa, ul, and crn standards.


    • product specification

      • cfm (capacity)
        53 cfm @ 232 psi
    • dimensions & weight

      • dimensions (l)(w)(h)
        12 x 11 x 53
      • weight (lbs)
    • power requirements

      • standard voltages
        115/1/60, 230/1/50
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