Quincy 55 CFM QMD Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer 1/2" NPT | 115/1/60 Volt | QMD 55

$4,540.00 $5,675.00
  • Capacity 50 - 99 CFM
    Compatibility Size 10 HP, 15 HP
    Power Electric
    Voltage 115/1/60 Volts

    quincy 55 cfm qmd heatless desiccant air dryer 1/2" npt | 115/1/60 volt | qmd 55

    qmd operation
    the quincy qmd desiccant dryer provides dry air to the compressed air system by adsorbing moisture from incoming air. package filtration eliminates particulate and oil carryover, prolonging the life of downstream equipment.

    compressed air enters through the coalescing filter, removing harmful particles and oil carryover that could damage the dryer and downstream equipment. next, the air passes over the desiccant beads in the adsorption tower, removing moisture and bring the dewpoint down to -40°f. at the same time, the adjacent tower is regenerating its desiccant beads to be used again for adsorbing moisture.

    regeneration is accomplished by passing a portion of dry air from the adsorption tower over the desiccant beads in the regeneration tower. this portion of air is known as purge air and is passed out of the dryer by way of the silencer. after the towers are done adsorbing and regenerating, they switch by way of the new innovative 3/2 solenoid switching valves, switching duties. the drier air is now passed through a particulate filter to prevent any desiccant dust or remaining particulate from reaching the downstream equipment. 

    airlogic 2 controller

    • fixed cycle time and total hours display
    • can communication
    • remote start/stop event history log
    • nema 4
    • integrated web server with web interface
    • service reminders with service history log

    note: adding the dewpoint demand option to the qmd dryers can drastically reduce energy bills by only purging as needed instead of on a timed system. if the downstream equipment needs extremely dryer air, the option for -100°f dewpoint is available. reduce pulsations and vibrations by adding the wall mounting kit.

    • product specification

      • capacity (cfm) @ 100 psi
        55 cfm
      • dew point
        -40 degree f
      • max working pressure
        203 psig
      • max working temperature
        122 degree f
      • min ambient temperature
        36 degree f
      • purge rate
    • overview & technical details

      • air dryer style
        heatless desiccant
    • connection

      • connection npt
        1/2" npt
    • dimensions & weight

      • dimensions (l)(w)(h)
        15.5" x 31.8" x 47.4"
      • weight (lbs)
    • power requirements

      • standard voltages
    • warranty

      • standard warranty
        factory warranty
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