1250 CFM Desiccant Air Dryer Sized for 250 HP Air Compressors | NHL 1250

  • Capacity 400 - 599 CFM
    Compatibility Size 300 HP +
    Power Electric

    desiccant air dryers

    the advanced d-series nhl heatless desiccant dryer combines reliable field proven components and a cost effective design with 21st century plc controls and a digital user interface.  for clean dryer air, there is no better, more dependable, easier to use twin tower dryer available on the market today.

    flexible & functional

    • field adjustable cycle timing and purge control lets you maximize performance at any operations conditions.
    • advanced plc controls allows you to monitor the operation of the dryer through an easy to read digital display
    unique features

    • the purge adjustment valve with visual setting indication allows precision adjustments to the purge flow
    • a blend of up to three desiccants are used in specialty applications to ensure consistent dew point performance.
    angle body piston valves, two-way direct acting piston valve with stainless steel internals and teflon seats ensure reliable field proven performance.  used for inlet valves on the nhl-200 to 600 and purge exhaust valves for all models.

    high performance butterfly valves, pneumatic actuators ensure precise proportional control and a bubble tight seal.  rugged stainless steel disk construction and teflon seats combined with a low pressure drop design.  used for inlet valves on the nhl 800 and larger.

    spring return check valves, reliable spring return operation for worry-free operation with minimum maintenance.  lift style check valves used on the nhl 200 to 600 and wafer style check valves used on the nhl 800 and larger.

    precision purge control valve, purge flow is field adjustable with this precision valve with visual setting indication.  allows the operator to easily adjust the purge flow to match the operating conditions for optimal energy savings.

    low noise exhaust muffler, these specially designed exhaust mufflers minimize the noise of the depressurization and purge exhaust while also minimizing back pressure.  the high flow design reduces blockage extending service life.

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