Deltech 25 CFM Desiccant Air Dryer (-40 & -100 Dew Point Options) | WM-25N

$2,565.64 $2,618.00
  • Capacity 20 - 49 CFM
    Compatibility Size 5 HP, 7.5 HP
    Power Electric
    Voltage 115/1/60 Volts
    5 thru 50 scfm
    wall-mountable wm series heatless dryers offer users the choise of -40 degrees f or -100 degrees f pressure dew point performance as standard.  the clean, quiet aesthetically pleasing and compact design of the wm series is well received at laboratories, hospitals and a host of other applications.
    durability and performance
    wm series dryers deliver an engineering drying system known for the rugged durability of the components.  select materials with proven performance, repeatability and long life expectancies are integrated into a protective nema 1 rated enclosure.
    wm series dryers deliver:
    - (-40) degree dew points...choose the 10 minute cycle mode (factory setting)
    - (-100) degree dew points...choose the 4 minute cycle mode
    - power on light
    - on/off toggle switch
    - left tower pressure gauge
    - right tower pressure gauge
    - 6 foot grounded 115 vac cord set included
    - energy saving heat of adsorption is retained to reduce operating costs
    - controlled repressurization rate prevents desiccant deterioration
    - heavy duty purge muffler delivers quiet operation
    - removable stainless steel support screens won't corrode
    - upper and lower stainless steel air diffusers protect valves and prevent channeling
    - premium quality activated alumina for dry air and long life
    easy installation
    - shipped with full charge of desiccant
    - completely assembled, piped and wired
    - simple set up;  mount cabinet, pipe air in, pipe air out, plug in power cord!
    recommended installing a pre and after filter to help the life of the desiccant.  if the desiccant is in contact with oil, the desiccant will be contaminated.
    wm series info 1wm series info 2
    • product specification

      • capacity (cfm) @ 100 psi
        25 cfm @ 100 psi
      • max pressure (psi)
        150 psi
      • purge rate
    • overview & technical details

      • capacity (scfh) (l/min)
        (20 cfm @ -100 f)
    • connection

      • connection npt
        1/2" npt
    • power requirements

      • 115/1/60
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