Deltech 1750 CFM High Pressure Refrigerated Air Dryer | DHP1750

$24,800.86 $25,307.00
  • Capacity 400 - 599 CFM
    Compatibility Size 300 HP +
    Power Electric
    Voltage 460/3/60 Volts

    dhp series refrigerated dryers and hpf series filters

    contaminant removal systems to 900 psig (63 bar)

    deltech dhp series refrigerated dryers and hpf series filters combine to deliver technologically advanced compressed air purification systems. built to handle the pressure, industries such as

    pet blow molding, injection molding, aeronautical valve and control testing all demand clean, dry compressed air. dhp series dryers and hpf series filters can be combined to remove the particles, water, oil and oil vapor contaminants from high pressure compressed air.

    dhp series refrigerated dryers feature instrumentation

    • dhp series models 13 through 178 feature: a power-on light which indicates when the dryer is energized and a high temperature warning light which gives immediate indication of malfunction or overload condition. a standard 6 foot power cord is included
    • dhp series models 50 through 178 also feature: on/off switch and a refrigeration suction pressure gauge to indicate proper system operation
    • dhp series models 300 through 3750 feature the following gauges: suction pressure gauge, inlet temperature gauge, outlet temperature gauge
    • dhp series models 300 through 3750 feature the following lights: power-on, compressor-on, high evaporator temperature, refrigerant fault alarm. a high pressure reset switch is standard. an optional disconnect switch can also be supplied

    integral hpf series filtration

    • integral grade 9 separator/filters are standard on all dhp series models for air flows at 64 scfm and above. a two-stage process first removes the bulk liquid to 10 micron which has condensed in the heat exchangers using stainless steel orifice tubes. the second stage has in-depth coalescing fiber media which captures solid particulates to 3 micron and oil droplets to 5 ppm w/w (6 mg/m3)
    • an automatic electric drain provides reliable condensate removal and the ability to program valve open time and time between cycles

    compact heat exchangers

    • models 13 through 100 utilize smooth surface, self-cleaning copper heat exchangers.
    • models 300 through 3750 feature space-saving, smooth surface, stainless steel plate heat exchangers designed for high heat transfer efficiencies

    environmentally friendly refrigeration system design

    • environmentally friendly hfc refrigerants are utilized on all models: models 13 through 1000 utilize r-134a and models 1250 through 3750 feature r-404a designs.
    • tight refrigeration temperature control is achieved even during rapid load changes which ensures the dhp series will provide consistent dew point
    • product specification

      • cfm (capacity)
        1750 cfm @ 725 psi
      • controls
    • connection

      • connection npt
        3" npt
    • dimensions & weight

      • dimensions (l)(w)(h)
        59" h x 52" w x 52" d
      • weight (lbs)
    • power requirements

      • standard voltages
        460/3/60, 380-420/3/50
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