15 HP Variable Speed Direct Screw Air Compressor Variable Speed KVG-15A

  • Compatibility Size 15 HP
    Horsepower 15 HP



    Adjust the frequency by the frequency converter, to change the motor speed, it can drive the speed of the air. then it realize the capacity be adjusted from 40%-100%.

    So it will fit different capacity require in differnet working condition. it impove the efficiency and power saving.

    Due to its smoothly adjust, it avoild the start and stop of the motor frequently. this protect the motor and lengthen the using life of the compressor.

    2. Feature

    The design Features of the air ends

    Main machine is from the company named LOFTOLL in Germany. Our technology is using the third era non-symmetry tooth-model rotor in 5:6, the distance between rotor we keep in 0.003 inch, it will have no abrasion for ever, the fall in tooth of rotor is very small, cost of circumfluence is small, then it will be in higher effort than 4:6 about 10-20%, reduce electricity about20%. We use SKF bearing from Sweden, which prolong the life of main machine. Our machine can work continuously in 24 hours. 

     Low consumpition and high efficiency motor which is mewly special designed


    1,Y-△starter; Voltage 380V; Frequency 50Hz; Protection Ip-54; Insulation Class F

    2.A new generation of energy-saving motors developed and produced by ourselves which has optimized the parameters of the motor windings by adjusting the relevant dimensions of the motor. The imported materials are improved, and the average efficiency is improved by 1.9% .The indicators meet the national two energy efficiency standards.

    Imported air capacity control system


    1.Intake control valve on the displacement of 0-100% of the stepless adjustment, so that the amount of air supply consistent with air need, energy-saving effect more better.

    Minimum pressure valve to ensure the maintenance of the body lubricating oil pressure required to reduce the oil separator air flow, the oil and air separation better, and has the function of check valve.


    Imported filtration system


    Filter:  We choose LOFTOLL from Germany, specially designed, can be used more than 4000 hours, it is easy for maintains and change.

    Oil-filter: We choose LOFTOLL from Germany, filtration density is 10μm, it can filtrate 99.9% impurity from oil, in order to protect compressor and bearing. It can be used more than 4000 hours.

    Air-Oil separator: We choose LOFTOLL from Germany, after separator, the oil is under 3ppm, to ensure the quality of air.

    Configuration of differential pressure sensor, when the filter block, before and after the pressure exceeds the set value, the automatic alarm to remind maintenance or replacement

     Impoved advanced microcomputer controller which is powerful at troubles diagnosing and protection.


    All parts are from Schneider in France, using full intelligent computer control. Easy, steady for customers.Introduction: Full-automatically load and unload, control the input air full automatically, compressor will start when there is no pressure automatically, and will stop working when the pressure is full in air tank, when the compressor is short of electric ,the electric is in reverse, the pressure is too high, the temperature is too high, it can protect itself full-automatically. You can use our compressor without any workers on duty.

  •  Model  Capacity m3/min Power KW Weight KG Dimensions  mm connecting 
     KVG-15A 1.6/ 8     1.3/10    11 300 940*705*1120 G1"

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