Deltech 375 CFM, Del-Monox DM Series Breathing Air Purifiers | DM375

$27,920.00 $34,900.00
  • Capacity 200 - 399 CFM
    Compatibility Size 75 HP
    Power Electric

    in 1966, deltech introduced the industry’s first engineered, contaminant removing system to convert compressed air to safe breathing air.  over time, the designs have advanced employing the latest in filtration and dehydration technology.  today, deltech is the most respected brand name in breathing air purification around the world.

    the del-monox air purification systems provide a highly effective means to control exposure to respiratory hazards in the work place.  industries and operations requiring use of supplied air respiratory protection include;

    -          chemical processing, sandblasting, industrial manufacturing, spray painting, medical applications, tank cleaning, hazardous waste handling, gas line repair, laboratory application, asbestos abatement and many more.

    to achieve safe breathing levels, air must be supplied from a source utilizing a properly designed purification system.  the source is generally an air compressor, however, air generated from a compressor alone does not produce breathable air.  untreated compressed air contains a variety of contaminants including dust, dirt, water, oil, and even dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

    del-monox purifiers are designed to reduce the concentration to selected contaminants in conventional compressed air when being used for breathing.  when used as directed, del-monox purifiers supply air that meets osha grade d and canadian standards association (csa) maximum allowable contaminant levels for compressed air breathing.

    standard components/features for the del-monox;

    -          coalescing filters with automatic drain and differential pressure gauges

    -          particulate air filter with differential pressure gauges

    -          co catalyst converter

    -          activated carbon filter

    -          air sample ports for analyzer options


    -          pressure gauges

    -          left/right tower

    -          inlet/outlet

    -          purge pressure

    -          color change moisture indicator

    standard controls

    -          nema4/4x with led indicators

    -          soft on/off switch with two power recovery modes

    -          switching failure alarm

    -          adjustable service indications

    -          tower/valve status leds

    -          voltage free common alarm contacts

    -          rs-232 communication port


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