Deltech 106.3 SCFM @ 40 F pdp, DMD Series Modular Membrane Dryer w/ Single Filter | DMD8-16

$5,666.36 $5,782.00
  • Capacity 100 - 199 CFM
    Compatibility Size 20 HP
    Power Electric

    spx deltech membrane dryers

    membrane dryers offer a point of use control of water vapor. membrane dryers utilize the principles at work in molecular sieves.

    not absorption, as used in desiccant dryers, is the process involved. deltech membrane dryers contain bundles of fiber. these bundles are porous. but the pores only allow water vapor to pass through the porous wall. the water vapor is then trapped within membrane dryer to be periodically vented to atmosphere.  the porous membrane bundle is designed to maximize surface area and have a consistent cross sectional density thereby improving efficiency. the membrane does not remove particles such as oxygen which makes membrane dryers particularly suited or medical use.

    spx deltech membrane dryers can cope with a flow of up to 141cfm but it should be borne in mind that this is flow at point of use and not at compressor outlet. they can be installed with deltech filters to remove particles other than water vapor. they are unobtrusive, vertically designed to use as little space as possible and are an extremely economical solution to the problem of compressed air water vapor. there are two membrane dryers available from spx deltech.

    membrane dryers use a stream of compressed air to purge/vent trapped water vapor within the dryer.
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