50 HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor System Extended Warranty 3-Phase | E50SYS

$18,945.00 $19,995.00
  • Capacity 200 - 399 CFM
    Horsepower 50 HP
    Power Electric
    Pressure Rating 125 PSI
    Voltage 230/3/60 Volts, 460/3/60 Volts

    the e-series features state of the art technology, asymmetric rotary screw profile and with oil injection power.  the particular design of this system ensures the highest performance of the compression stage, thereby reducing the consumption levels to a minimum.  the result is an excellent ratio between the actual installed power and the effective air yield, also permitting considerable energy and cost savings.

    we believe in supply individual components vs. having integral air dryers and filters.  the total air sytems include the following equipment;

    (1) 50 horsepower (e50) rotary screw air compressor, base mounted, wye delta reduced voltage starter, tefc drive motor, plc control panel with alarms and indicators with sound enclosure.  standard factory warranty  (wired for either 230/3/60 or 460/3/60)
    (1) 250 cfm refrigerated air dryer, 460/3/60, 39 degree dewpoint.  standard factory warranty
    (1) 400 gallon vertical air tank rated for 200-psi, exterior primed, asme coded.  standard factory warranty
    (1) particulate & (1) coalescing filter with float drains

    here is related informaiton on what is being supplied.

    compressor standard features

    • air cooled after cooler
    • asme coded separator & safety valve
    • belt driven
    • compact & easy to access
    • sound enclosure
    • plc controller
    • maintenance indicators
    • alarms (visual & audible)
    • pressure & temperature readout
    • wye delta reduced voltage starting
    • tefc drive motor
    • phase protection
    • 230/3/60 or 460/3/60
    • load/no load controls with timed shutdown
    • ul listed
    • isolation valve
    • removal cabinet doors for easy maintenance

    wye delta starting
    this technique of starting the motor wired in a wye connection, and later switching to a delta run connection, will dramatically reduce the current demand on a power distribution system. in areas where utility power is limited or over burdened, this system can reduce brown outs and severe voltage drops when a motor is started.
    the wye start/delta run method is not new to the industry. it is used on a limited basis in the us, and more widely used in european countries. sometimes the method is mandatory on large motors.

    • by using the wye start/delta run method, customers can achieve lower starting current demand. 
    • this starting method will minimize current demand during starting and reduce the impact on the power system.  
    • this features is standard on all of our compressor world “e” series machines.

    air end assembly, offering low speed operation which means longer life, minimizes vibration, noise, and better performance.

    tappered roller bearing, offer high-load resistance, longer operational life.  estimated 70,000+ hours

    our compressor world team offers engineering support on all types of compressed air and vacuum systems. you can also go online and find additional information within our “learning center” which offers information on installations, maintenance tips and more.

    products & services -
    a variety of products, numerous warehouses and an extensive inventory for quick shipments. in addition, our service network offers 24/7 hour emergency service and our online sales engine offers real time quotes and support. compressor world has designed a new, more efficient air compressor sales and service portal – challenge us!

    expert advice. expert support.
    as a compressor world customer you will receive the competitive advantage, accumulated experience and the know-how to maintain an efficient compressed air system.

    concerned about what else you may need for your air compressor system?  watch steve describe a complete air compressor system, watch steve or look at the infographic that shows what should be included in a total air system.
    • product specification

      • capacity (cfm) @ 100/125 psi
        207 cfm @ 125 psi
      • compressor style
        lubricated rotary screw
      • controls
        load/no load controls with timed shutdown
      • cooling type
        air cooled
      • dew point
        + 39 f
      • horsepower (hp)
        50 hp
      • tank material
        carbon steel
    • overview & technical details

      • air dryer style
        250 cfm refrigerated air dryer
      • certifications
        ul & asme
      • electrical starting
        wye delta starting
      • power source/type
    • additional features

      • air dryer included
        included (shipped loose)
      • air filtration included
        included (particulate & fine coalescing filters)
      • tank drain valve
        electronic tank drain
    • motor data

      • motor type
    • filtration grade

      • filtration grade
        0.1 micron
    • power requirements

      • 230/240/3/60
        130 full load amps
      • 460/480/3/60
        65 full load amps
    • tank size

      • air tank configuration
      • air tank included
      • air tank size
        400 gallon
    • warranty

      • standard warranty
        1 year parts & labor, 5 year airend warranty
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