5 Gallon Pail of Rotary Screw Air Compressor Oil for Sale | XD8000-5

  • unmatched air compressor lubricants
    compressor world lubricants are formulated to withstand the punishing temperatures and pressures inherent to modern air compressors.  formulated to meet or exceed all oem specifications, our air compressor lubricants provide unsurpasses levels of performance, protection and fluid life.

    • universal formulation, top-off compatible with most oem and aftermarket rotary screw compressor fluids, no flushing required
    • very long fluid life, 8,000hr+
    • excellent carbon and varnish control
    • excellent oxidative stability
    • enhanced carbon and varnish control
    • very high flash point
    • very low volatility
    • excellent flim strength, enhanced wear protection
    • excellent rust and corrosion protection
    • reduced maintenance costs and downtime

    why our air compressor lubricants are better

    • able to solubilize more additives than other fluids
    • ideally blended to meet customers specific needs
    • all products proven to excel in customers "real world conditions", including tough environments such as; hot and humid southeastern united states, extremely hot and arid southwestern united states, freezing cold northern canada and antarctica
    • extended fluid life
    • all products are rated at 100% fluid life at 210 degrees f
    • superior demulsibility (water separability) over the competition
    • enhanced wear protection that; will not diminish fluid life, will not corrode components

    in addition, our air compressor lubricants are designed to be completely top-off compatible with their equivalent oem formulations.  therefore, no flushing or time-consuming change-out procedures are necessary to switch to a compatible fluid.

    call us to find out if xd8000 will work for your compressor! 866-778-6572

    • overview & technical details

      • oil life
        10,000 hours (with oil sampling)
      • size
        5 gallons
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