Champion 7.5 HP Air Compressor Two Stage 80 Gallon Tank 208-230/460 Volt, 3-Phase | HR7F-8 | 3 Phase

  • Capacity 20 - 49 CFM
    Horsepower 7.5 HP
    Package Rating Custom Build (R-Series)
    Power Electric
    Pressure Rating 175 PSI
    Voltage 230/3/60 Volts, 575/3/60 Volts, 208/3/60 Volts, 460/3/60 Volts

    loaded with rugged features, the champion r-series splash-lubricated compressors deliver high performance, long life and tremendous value.

    1 multi-finned cylinders - cooler operating temperatures result in longer life and consistent performance over time.

    2 integral cylinder/head - gasketless design eliminates the possibility of blown head gaskets for trouble-free operation.

     3 balanced pistons - aluminum alloy first-stage piston is weightmatched to the cast iron second-stage piston, ensuring proper balance.

     4 piston rings - two compression rings and one oil control ring provide excellent oil control, and high efficiency air delivery.

     5 lightweight connecting rods - high-density, die-cast aluminum alloy rods minimize reciprocating weight. an integral, precision-bored crankpin bearing and a needle bearing for the piston pin properly distribute bearing loads for longer bearing life than bushings.

     6 pressure relief valves- located in interstage and discharge.

     7 intercoolers - large-diameter finned tubing is positioned to obtain the greatest cooling effect between stages for maximum compressor efficiency.

     8 optimized cooling fan/flywheel - precision balanced flywheel has fan blades for optimum compressor cooling and life.

     9 reliable, high-flow valves - single-unit, disc-type valves provide low lift and long life. discs are made of corrosion resistant swedish steel. valves are easily serviced by removing the manifolds only.

    10 oversized main bearings - tapered roller-type main bearings provide full contact and support of the crankshaft plus delivers the longest possible life.

     11 balanced crankshaft - constructed of rugged ductile iron with large diameter throws for minimum bearing loads and counterweights to minimize vibration.

     12 large capacity crankcase - rugged cast iron oil reservoir has convenient sight gauge glass, corner oil fill boss and large oil drain.

     13 loadless starting - positive acting, governor-type centrifugal unloader assures longer motor life by allowing the compressor to start unloaded every time.

     compressor pump warranty- each new champion assembled unit has a five (5) year warranty on the compressor pump only, against defects in materials or workmanship under normal use and service, from the date of installation or sixty-six (66) months from the date of shipment by champion or a champion distributor, whichever may occur first.

    the five-year extended warranty covers parts and labor and is prorated over the five years as follows:

    • year one — 100% coverage
    • year two — 90% coverage
    • year three — 80% coverage
    • year four — 70% coverage
    • year five — 60% coverage
    • head valves are warranted for year one only.

     champion makes no warranty on components and/or accessories furnished to champion by third parties, such as electric motors, gasoline engines and controls. these are warranted only to the extent of the original manufacturer’s warranty to champion. electric motors must be equipped with thermal overload protection to have warranty consideration. the extended five-year warranty will apply to asme air receivers if they are installed on rubber vibro isolator pads or approved equivalent.

    • product specification

      • capacity (cfm) @ 125 psi
        23 cfm @ 125 psi
      • capacity (cfm) @ 175 psi
        22.3 cfm @ 175 psi
      • cfm (capacity)
        23.1 cfm @ 175 psi
      • controls
        start/stop operation
      • horsepower (hp)
        7.5 hp
      • max pressure (psi)
        175 psi
      • pump model
      • pump rpm
        949 rpm
      • pump type
        splash lubricated
    • additional features

      • after cooler
      • low level oil switch
      • magnetic starter
        mounted & wired
      • tank drain valve
        manual drain
    • motor data

      • motor type
    • power requirements

      • 208/3/60
        25.3 full load running amps
      • 230/240/3/60
        22 full load running amps
      • 460/480/3/60
        11 full load running amps
      • standard voltages
        208/230/460/3/60 or 575/3/60
    • tank size

      • air tank configuration
      • air tank included
      • air tank size
        80 gallon
      • coded
        asme coded
      • tank size
        80 gallon horizontal
    • warranty

      • standard warranty
        3 years on pump and 1 year on package
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