Nano Purification 50 CFM Water Separator 1/2" NPT | NF0050 WS

  • Capacity 50 - 99 CFM
    Compatibility Size 10 HP
    NPT Connection 1/2" NPT
    bulk water can be found in all compressed air and gas systems.  this can be very costly, resulting in corrosion, damage to tools and machinery downtime.
    we offer a range of water separators, which remove 99% of bulk water.  this highly efficient products enhances the reliability of compressed air adn gas systems, eliminating the problem of costly downtime. 
    exceptional performance levels
    the unique fins on the centrifugal module have been custom engineered using the latest computational fluid dynamics (cfd) software to identify and eliminate points of low efficiency, ensuring excellent liquid removal even at low flow velocities.
    the shield at the bottom of the module prevents re-entrainment of separated water and creates a calm zone, which significantly improves drainage characteristics.
    1/4" to 3" threaded housings are manufactured in robust cast aluminum alloy with a corrosion protective e-coat finish, applied internatlly and externally.  exceptional performance backed by a 10 year housing warranty. 
    tested in accordinance with iso 12500-4
    • product specification

      • cfm (capacity)
        50 cfm
      • pressure rating
        232 maximum pressure
    • connection

      • connection npt
        1/2" npt
    • dimensions & weight

      • dimensions (l)(w)(h)
        2.75" x 0.98" x 7.52" (l)(w)(h)
      • weight (lbs)
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